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people around me know me as happy person who loves to travel, listen the music. I started my career as a trainee front End developer in 2017 with an Iranian company named Tiara. for pursuing my goals and dreams I left Tiara after 6 months and have started to work with international companies named ClubCollect and TalentBridge. currently, I am working here as an official mid-level front End developer who loves to learn new topics and new technologies in my field. already, I have skills in HTML, CSS, Pug, Bootstrap, Sass, JS, Vue, React and etc. I am always looking for new challenges to improve my knowledge.

Philip Poots

VP Engineering of   clubcollect

Mehri is a model employee. She is conscientious and hard-working and carries out even the smallest task with the required care and attention. Whether it is offering feedback on user experience, suggesting improvements to the user interface, coding up wireframes or dealing with gnarly CSS bugs, Mehri approaches her work with professionalism, energy and a good attitude.She regularly translates wireframes and UI mockups into code or writes extensions to the UI library in HTML and CSS. She is also confident and keen to learn new technologies, applying herself to JavaScript and Vue.js.In short, Mehri is someone you can trust, and she is a pleasure to work with.